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Captain Grundgesetz on a big mission


Premiering 02/20


Elementary school in Kirchberg, Saarbrucken

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of our Basic Law, students conceived, developed and designed the play "Captain Basic Law on a Great Mission" with the aim of making basic rights and values for the children tangible and understandable through the intermedial connection of music, fine arts, movement and performing games make.

As part of the Aesthetic Dimensions of Learning course, HBKsaar, HfM Saar and UdS cooperated to implement this piece based on the book "Dignity, Freedom, Equality - Our Basic Law" by Susanne and Matthias Strittmatter.

Sports educator Andrea Dincher
Music teacher Barbara Neumeier
Art teacher Laura Delitala-Möller
Director Jamie Trautman

Photos: Iris Maurer, Laura Delitala-Möller

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