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Jamie Trautmann
Jamie Trautmann

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Born and raised in the beautiful Saarland, Jamie discovered the theater very early on - the role of 'Auntie Goose' in the first grade was not her hoped-for breakthrough, but opened the door to her future life, passion and profession


During her studies in English and German, she was mainly involved in the independent scene, where she co-founded the German theater association ThUniS e.V. and worked on independent projects at university, as well as in class plays at the Saarbrücken-Altenkessel Waldorf School.

She assisted in the Fast Forward Festival for young directors at the Staatstheater Braunschweig under the curation of Barbara Engelhardt and two years later under the curation of Charlotte Orti at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden.
From seasons 20/21 to 22/23, she worked as an assistant director in drama at the Theater Osnabrück and was also able to debut her first directing work here. She worked with directors Christian Schlüter, Ebru Tartici Borchers, Roland Riebeling and Rieke Süsskow, among others.


Since the 23/24 season she has been working as an assistant director at the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg.

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