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Friday night monologues


Theater Osnabrueck


Premieres 11/2021 and 02/2022

Project type:

Free event format

"Write like you're not afraid" - a quote from Phoebe Waller-Bridge inspired me to develop this event format.

All of us write or have written at some point. Diary entries, letters, free texts - and each text has a personal meaning. But unlike at a poetry slam, very few would stand on stage themselves... and that's where I come in. True to the motto "You send us your texts, we stage them." I offer the audience the unique opportunity to see their texts staged on a theater stage.

A show stage with 20 mysterious envelopes, behind which not only texts are hidden, but also dance breaks, confetti cannons, gifts and all kinds of other surprises...not even the performers know the order or what is sometimes exactly in the envelopes, so it is guaranteed that the evening always remains unique and spontaneous.

Lua Mariell Barros-Heckmanns, Laila Richter, Katharina Kessler

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