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Natascha no longer dreams


Theater Osnabrueck


premiered 04/23

Project type:

scenic setup

A Romanian proverb says that you shouldn't dream of green horses on the walls (ie: don't have raisins in your head).
"Natascha no longer dreams" introduces us to five women who locked away their own green horse. To earn money, feed their children and simply survive in the patriarchal world.
It is therefore quite understandable that Natascha, the narrator, implores the other women to beware of their "green horses". But does locking away dreams really protect against being lured to where social exclusion threatens? And what if you start decorating the box that dreams are locked in? Does that lure the green horse back out of the closet?

The play, written by Tincuţa Horonceanu Bernevic, was shortlisted for the Dramatists' Prize, which is awarded every two years by the Osnabrück Theater. The scenic setup was staged as a monologue within a few rehearsals - colorful, with music and plenty of costume changes and ended with the dancing conquering the stage together with the audience.

Cast: Anke Stedingk
Photos: Jane Jachens

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